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“A celebration of ordinary moments that become playful escapes, each of the seven new scents invites us to create our own experience with an innovative selection of refillable charms.” BY FAR

Luxury designer accessories label, BY FAR has unveiled its debut fragrance collection, titled DAYDREAM. 

The accessories label (that was launched by sisters Valentina Ignatova, Sabina Gyosheva and Denitsa Bumbarova back in 2016) is celebrated across the fashion industry for its unique, contemporary accessory offering (we’ve been stalking their pink Mini Soho on the ‘gram). The arrival of the brand’s fragrance debut, the DAYDREAM collection delivers on, not only an innovative new line of stirring scents, but an alluring line of new accessories. DAYDREAM, therefore, brings forth an experience – and an accessory – that works on multiple levels. 

By Far

Defined by BY FAR as “a custom nomad-sized refillable charm that doubles as an accessory”, this 100ml refill bottle is the perfect companion for your day-to-day to day-to-night experiences. Attach it to your favourite handbag or clip it to your belt loop for on-the-go, ready-to-spritz style. With seven fragrances (and therefore seven experiences) to choose from, it’s time to escape reality with a little daydream in tow.  

By Far

“The collection is an invitation to lose yourself in the universe of dreams,” says Denitsa Bumbarova, Creative Director and co-founder of BY FAR. “Playing over and over, layering one on top of the other to create your own sensory escape.” 

You’ll also love to note that each fragrance oil for the BY FAR DAYDREAM Collection has been handcrafted in Grasse, France by the acclaimed perfumers Fanny Bal, Jean-Cristophe Hérault and Caroline Dumur. And, alongside the playful nature of these fragrances, BY FAR have also delivered on a striking campaign featuring Kendall Jenner and a short film directed by photographer and director, Charlotte Wales (not to mention a seven step alchemic process to build your own unique BY FAR DAYDREAM fragrance)…

“Select your scent from one of seven refillable Eau de Parfums

Color your refillable charm case in one of six joyful shades

Choose silver or gold detailing to match your BY FAR bag

Decide between a carabiner or leather strap for your charm bracelet

To top up, swivel the 100ml bottle into the neck of the charm 20ml bottle

Allow to refill until it comes to an automatic stop

Rebuild the charm, attach it to your bag and enjoy” 

By Far

Imagery Courtesy of BY FAR

The BY FAR DAYDREAM Collection is available on, at the BY FAR LA Flagship and selected retailers, including Selfridges in the UK. 

By Far

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