Odd Muse London | Releases Bridal Collection 

Odd Muse London

“Something Old, Something New, Something Muse” Odd Muse London 

Championing a slower pace in the fashion industry, Odd Muse (a London-based label known for its iconic Ultimate Muse Blazer) recently unveiled its much-anticipated Bridal Collection

Odd Muse London

The luxury womenswear label, founded by Aimee Smale in September 2020, recently dropped a five piece bridal collection across its digital shelves. Delivering five key bridal pieces to the table for the modern bride (we’re talking two adorable minis, a sophisticated midi, a chic maxi and, of course, a jumpsuit that breathes modern elegance) the line ranges from a purse-friendly £125 to £165. Ideal for donning for everything from the hen party to the aisle (and beyond), Odd Muse London’s signature details prevail throughout the line (we love The Ultimate Muse Midi Pearl Dress in White’s pearl trim) and will undeniably steal many a brides’ heart. 

Odd Muse London
Odd Muse London

“Our goal has always been to change women’s shopping habits, to make pieces to last in her wardrobe and bridal just felt like the next step for us, especially after launching our white pearl dress, the demand for more bridal options came apparent. We have taken the time and perfected our idea of ‘bridal’ and put the Odd Muse touch on it, making pieces that, yes are for brides, but can be worn time and time again after the special day for multiple occasions. From walking down the aisle to walking anywhere, feeling special in your Odd Muse piece. With something for every bride, this collection truly feels like we are giving our customers what they have been wanting. Designed in house and created with a muse Bride in mind, we are certain they will be walking down the aisle, but running to oddmuse.co.uk!” Aimee Smale, Founder of Odd Muse

Odd Muse London

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