Valentine’s Day

Drenched in romantic details, from glossy red ribbons tied around the stems of elegant candles to a vintage inspired tiered cake with delicate black bows, photographers Tina Dorée and Katja of Beige and Wine Photography have delivered a truly sumptuous, Valentine’s Day-esque editorial straight to our eyeballs. 

Valentine’s Day

Brought to life in a daylight photography studio in Augsburg, Germany, the creative duo let the accent colour red take centre stage. Varying shades of this romantic hue rise from the ornate tablescape, a variety of decadent florals, wild botanicals and vegetable boasting a rich tapestry of texture and tones. Paired with everything from red cocktails to darling red heels (not to mention two truly enchanting, ethereal Ritual Unions gowns) it’s quite the Valentine’s Day editorial to behold. I caught up with talented photographer Tina Dorée to discover more about the inspiration behind the shoot… 

What type of vibe were you going for with this editorial? “Bold, extravagant and at the same time glamorous and noble.” 

Valentine’s Day

Were you inspired by this season’s bow trend? “Yes, we were definitely inspired by the candle/bow trend.” 

Valentine’s Day

I love the use of texture throughout. Talk us through these unique details… 

“We incorporated vegetables because they are more sustainable and they are a good colour complement. The bright red of the chilli and the purple of the cabbage are really eye-catching. For the second setting Sonja from Somebosque made a cake out of garlic. It blends wonderfully with the orchids. We wanted to create something unique and provocative.” 

Valentine’s Day

What about the fashion? 

“We chose Ritual Unions because the dresses are different. It’s against the norm, extravagant with a lot of details – a perfect fit for the editorial. The blazer was perfect to try different poses and perspectives. We created some really arty shots which are my favourites in the end.” 

What trends do you see coming later this year and beyond? “This year will see a lot of candles and I hope more sophisticated colours.” 

Valentine’s Day


Concept & planning: Katja @beigeandwine & Tina Dorée @tinadoree

Photographer: Tina Dorée @tinadoree 

Models: Chiara, Calista @calionyia, Isabella @isabellaa_fernandezz

Hair & Makeup: Lea de Molière @lm.brautstyling / @lm.hairandmakeup 

Set Design & Flowers: Sonja Maria Meinlschmidt @somebosque

Dresses: @ritualunions

Stationery: Tanja Kugelmann @papierromantik

Cake: Babette de Zwart @babettedezwart

Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day

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