Kym & Dane | The bride wore: Christie Nicole

Prepare to be enchanted by the DREAMY affair that was Kym Toussaint-Rosser and Dane Rosser’s incredible wedding at Horizon, Byron Bay in Australia. While their guests were swept up in a reception showcasing incredible details, gorgeous aesthetics and rustic touches, the bride took to the floor in two out-of-this-world bridal creations by the one and only Christie Nicole… 

Read on to discover Kym’s dress journey…  

Photography: Carly Brown Photography

Q. How did you start your wedding dress hunt? Did you know you wanted a custom gown made by Christie Nicole from the very beginning? 

Kym: “I had undertaken the arduous task of sifting through Pinterest/Instagram. I didn’t visit many boutiques, I may have tried on around three dresses in total. In my mind I had four, maybe even five, dresses I liked, not even loved – you know, a neckline from this, sleeves from there, hemline etc… One day I had this urge to email Christie. I’ve known Christie for many years— always in awe of the magic she makes with her mind and hands, just a wonderfully beautiful person.

Anyway, I had planned this day to pretty well ask… tell her that she would be the one to do it (in my mind not willing of accepting anything less than a yes). Luckily for me she said YES! So I guess yes, from the very beginning my subconscious chose her!”

Q. Did you have a clear idea in your head of what you wanted? Did you try on any other dresses? 

Kym: “The only clear idea I had in my head was that I didn’t want a typically bridal-ly dressy dress…. I wanted something that no one else had, that was uniquely me. I had seen a lot of brides, who to me, appeared to wear something not quite them on their wedding day. Perhaps some people may decide that they want to do something completely different because it is their wedding day. Our dresses are one of a kind, and the first of their kind! How magical is that.” 

Q. Talk us through the custom-design process you experienced with Christie Nicole. What did you love about it?

Kym: “I loved every moment of it. You don’t have to know Christie for years and years to feel just that. She deeply loves what she does and our dresses reflect that, with every stitch. I’ve said before that if I were a wedding dress (holding the dresses), this would be me. 

The process: I had given her my ideas of 4/5 dresses. She is incredibly reliable and easy to communicate with. She is so passionate and only designs dresses for those whom she feels she can make magic with. I think this is incredibly important. Whether you’re big on the idea of a wedding or not, whether you and your partner have decided the wedding is to celebrate you and your families and friends, or whether it is a day to focus on you as a bride, you can’t deny the feeling of “exclusivity”. You want to find that dress that is you, for you. That is the experience you get with Christie.”

Q. Did the theme or style of your day and your venue effect the style of your dress? 

Kym: “Not really, we were more concerned about feeding and watering our guests!”

Q. What accessories did you opt for for the big day? What shoes did you choose and why? Where were they from? 

Kym: “I had a full veil (custom by Christie), shoes were my mums— kitten heel Rochas. Something borrowed and something not to fall and break your ankle in— two birds one stone? My dress was full length so I was conscious of wearing something practical on my feet! However when it came to my reception dress (custom by Christie), it was short with long bell sleeves— I opted for a platform gold glitter heel.”

Q. What would be your advice to brides-to-be starting the dress search?

Kym: “Think about the time of year you’re getting married, you don’t want to be shivering or sweating… I would also recommend not doing too much research, go with your gut. You know what you like to wear and what you don’t. That shouldn’t change on your wedding day, you want to be comfortable. You can have both: comfort and the perfect wedding dress. I did!”

A huge thank you to Kym and Dane for sharing their big day with Bridal Editor.

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See pictures below from the making of Kym’s incredible dresses by Christie Nicole


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