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After stumbling across this set of insanely cool images by outdoor furniture brand, Diabla (who’s 356 Outdoor Furniture collection is packed full of bold, contemporary furniture designs, originally designed by by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales and Pablo Gironés for GANDIABLASCO) and – due to it’s DREAM-like colour palette – adding the brand’s pink chaise-longue immediately to my outdoor-furniture wish list, it got me thinking about the hen party abroad I’ve been planning… 

With a mere seven days to go (WAHEY) until the hen party abroad that I’ve been planning for my best friend, I wanted to give you guys the heads up that I’ll be bringing some helpful – tip-filled – content your way. Not only will I be flagging up the brands I teamed up with for it and showcasing the amazing hen party products that they offer, but I’ll be talking all things planning, style, stress (cos’ it can definitely get stressful bridal babe *mops brow*) and how to, most importantly, chill the hell out and ride that hen party planning wave without falling off

So, if you’re in charge of sorting out everything from the accommodation and activities to the SASSY sash and gift bags, keep track of my Instagram and Insta Stories from the 29th June onwards… 

Cos’ Bridal Editor is with you every step of the way, bridal babe *high five*

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