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If you’ve recently been spending large amounts of time fawning over the Astral Collection by BrideWalk (time which really should been spent organising the seating plan/convincing your parents a gold mirrored dance floor is a must) BOY are you in for a treat this March’19, as the brand new bridal label has unveiled its first UK stockist! 

The Knot in Nottingham, as they suggest, is #knotyouraverageboutique, and plays host to BrideWalk’s first ever bridal line: the Astral Collection. Knot only (sorry) will you be able to enjoy the boutique’s beautifully curated studio (I hear they overlook a secret walled garden and you’ll try on dresses underneath glittering grand chandeliers) but you’ll be able to test drive the incredible first collection by BrideWalk in it! 

I caught up with both Livia from BrideWalk and Hannah from The Knot to discover everything from how the brand’s crossed paths, to what they love about each other and why its a match made in bridal heaven… 

BrideWalk on The Knot… 

#1 Tell us about the inspiration behind BrideWalk’s first collection, the Astral Collection.

“Our first collection was all about us experimenting with different silhouettes, decorations and techniques. We are continuously inspired by free-spirited women and by the contrast between feminine grace and strength. Our gowns are hand embellished with the most delicate pearls which are sewn in intricate patterns that become a statement piece or are covered in soft feathers which contrast a bold low cut back.

Created for the modern bride who puts her personal style ahead of tradition, BrideWalk’s first collection is not bound by any rules and is refreshingly different and unique on the bridal scene.”

#2 How did the brand and the bridal studio, The Knot cross paths?

“As perhaps is the case with many other industry collaborations, we crossed paths on Instagram by using and following similar #modernbridal hashtags. We both felt that the aesthetic of our brands matched quite closely, as well as our aspirations for doing bridal a bit differently. It soon became clear that our debut collection would fit in just perfectly with the fashion-forward bridal studio that’s going to become Nottingham’s hot spot for modern brides.”

#3 In terms of a stockist for your collection, what are you searching for?

“We look for a design-led approach to bridal and for a space that gives the same contemporary vibes as our gowns do. And, of course, we look for stockists who recognise and value true craftsmanship.”

#4 What is it about The Knot, as a stockist that really spoke to you?

“First we discovered the space that Hannah has created which looks straight out a modern interior design magazine – sleek, modern and bright, but full of personal little touches which make it unique and special. Then we got to know Hannah’s passion for bridal and her individual approach to designing an experience that would give a modern bride that extra bit of confidence she needs to feel like the best version of herself on their wedding day.

#5 Why do you think brides should visit The Knot, Nottingham?

“Because this gem of a bridal shop has some special gowns they couldn’t find anywhere else and trying them on in this relaxed setting will be fun and inspiring.” 

The Knot on BrideWalk… 

#1 How did your and BrideWalk’s paths cross?

“Our paths crossed through the amazing platform that is Instagram! I believe that we had liked each others posts and content. I then received a lovely, detailed email from the brand and from that I knew we had to stock BrideWalk, the detailed descriptions of each gown made us almost feel like the gowns were physically in our presence.” 

#2 You stock a very cool selection of bridal brands, what must a bridal label have in order for you to be interested in stocking its pieces?

“Thank you, We feel that the brand must be exciting and new! It is important that the bride still looks and feels like a bride, but we look for brands that open the bride-to-be’s eyes to a new way to wear and experience bridal, whether it be through new fabrics or silhouettes. It’s all in the attention to detail.”

#3 What drew you to BrideWalk as a brand?

“It was they way they introduced the brand and its product to us, with such passion and detail. There is nothing more refreshing than a bridal brand that makes you want to tell every bride that comes into the showroom about how special the brand’s gowns are and how stunning the detailing and craftsmanship is.”

#4 What do you love most about the Astral Collection?

“What don’t we love! I think the designs firstly are stunning – this is one of our most detailed collections – and the quality is outstanding. We love the construction of each gown, we have seen many brides with diverse bodies try on pieces from this collection and each time we are blown away by how well they fit and flatter so many different shapes.” 

#5 If you could have any piece from the line, which would it be?

“Hands down it would be Agatha (the bridal jumpsuit)! We are in love! The amount of positive feedback we get about her is amazing. We personally love the fit and just how different this piece is from ANYTHING we have in the showroom – in fact the city itself! We’ll take Agatha in every colour please! Any excuse to wear her then!” 

#6 Why should brides come and visit The Knot in Nottingham?

“Brides should visit The Knot because not only do we have a fabulous mix of designers but our collections provide brides with something that is just that little bit more special and individual. Our showroom is made exclusive to that bride for up to 2.5 hours and we offer a range of appointment styles that even includes lunch! We have some amazing local venders that we partner with to enable the bride to create her wedding dreams right here in the showroom, and we have accessories stylists on hand and even florists that can help bring a brides vision together.” 

Want to discover BridesWalk’s Astral Collection at The Knot, Nottingham? Click here

For more information about BrideWalk click here

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