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Do you remember that new bridal label I mentioned that had HEAVENLY COOL written all over it? House of Moirai? Well, luckily for you I managed to catch up with the Creative Director and Founder of the label, Barbaranne Heaton to discover everything from how this SUPER-SASSY bridal brand kick-started to who she is and who she’d love to dress (HINT: this collaboration wouldn’t end in a ‘Bad Romance‘, trust me).

Plus, you’ll also slightly fall in love with the sassy spirit of this woman too…

#1 Tell us a little about how House of Moirai started. When and how did the brand begin and launch?

“I set up HOM back in 2012 after being made redundant, I’d been wanting to do something for myself for a while and I spotted a gap in the bridal market here in Dubai. There wasn’t really anywhere that was selling western style bridesmaid dresses, and the expat bride wasn’t being catered to. So I started there and over the last 6 years built a bit of a reputation for a laid back, modern bridal style. We’ve now been creating, solely, Bridal gowns for the last 4 years, with the launch of our first RTW at the end of last year.”

#2 Who is Barbaranne Heaton? Talk to us about your journey into the bridal industry…

“She’s a northern lass, hustling in the desert.”

“My background is Fashion design, I’ve worked in fashion for the last 15 years. I studied at university and then went into retail fashion when I graduated, so my background is quite commercial. But I grew up around my mum having her own dressmaking business and it must’ve planted a seed somewhere. I never imagined I would get into this line of work, a more crafted style of design, as I said I’m quite a commercial designer, but I feel that it has definitely helped me shape my business and the brand. Bridal was always a no go for me, never even entered my head as a designer. I imagined big puffy dresses and way too much pretty for me, but I love what I do now and I feel I can really put my design style into each piece. I love the fact that you can still create something new in an industry that has been around for so long. I feel it’s a really exciting time for new wedding vendors because the industry is evolving so much and the new generation of bride is certainly more modern and individual. My kind of bride!”

#3 Tell us about your first bridal collection, GODDESS by House of Moirai. What’s the inspiration behind the line? What type of bride is it aimed at?

“Our new collection is a celebration of the journey we have taken as a business. We want to put Dubai on the map for modern day bridal and also get across our style, which goes against the normal grain of traditional bridal wear.

The collection was inspired by the free-spirited females that have walked through our doors and we wanted to pay homage to the strength women show whilst keeping their feminine beauty. I mean, we’re all pretty bad ass aren’t we?!”

#4 If House of Moirai and the GODDESS Collection could have a particular celebrity or person to be the face of the brand, who would it be? Who embodies the label in their style and personality?

“I couldn’t say a particular celebrity, but if I had to chose a person to be a brand ambassador it would be someone who is trying to make a name for themselves for being independent and creative. Someone with a unique style, and look and doesn’t follow the crowd.

When we were organising the look book shoot for our new collection I just wanted a model who was the look-a-like of Dua Lipa. I’ve got a tiny bit of a girl crush on her.”

#5 What type of materials does the brand use, and where are they sourced from? What can brides-to-be always rely on House of Moirai for?

“We use a lot of silks and embroidered laces, we’re always sourcing new fabrics from all over the world.

We’re known for our quality and attention to detail. Nothing leaves the studio unless it’s PERFECT!”

#6 Tell us about the design process for a new piece or collection. Where does it begin? Where does the inspiration for a new style or line often emerge from?

“I have quite an organic process when it comes to designing. A lot of the time I let the fabric dictate what I’m designing but with our new collection I did set out with a definite idea of what the range would be like.

Trends naturally influence us but I tend to lean toward fashion trends as opposed to bridal trends. I feel with the new line I’m strongly influenced by women in general. Soaking up what brides are looking for at our appointments, and translating it into our new line. I also want to inspire brides to try new looks, use their imagination. Our new collection is a lot more stripped back than our bespoke pieces. We intentionally worked on the silhouette as opposed to the details to allow brides to try on different shapes and experiment with their bridal style.

With our new collection I started out with a set of clear designs and by the end of it I had pulled them all apart and swapped them about and created new styles. I drove my team insane! But I love working that way, thats when the best ideas come about!”

#7 From your experience, when it comes to brides searching for their wedding dress, where should they start? What should they be thinking about?

“Definitely try stuff on. Try on a variety of styles and shapes so you can rule out in your head what looks good on you and what doesn’t.

Stay true to yourself. Think about your venue, and how the look fits in with your wedding. And once you’ve got your dress stop going on Pinterest! It’ll drive you mad.”

#8 Where would you like to see the House of Moirai label in 10 years time?

“Conquering the world, one bad ass bride at a time!”

#9 Talk us through a regular work day, what do you get up to?

“I fly around like a sleep deprived, crazy haired maniac trying to get all my work / appointments done before the school run beckons and nap times end! If I’m really lucky I squeeze in a cuppa. (The nap time isn’t for me by the way.)”

#10 Name a celebrity wedding you loved…

“Poppy Delevingne’s. Her Chanel dress, for me, just embodied my ideal Bride. She broke tradition whilst still remaining chic and cool.”

#11 If you could create a bespoke gown for any celebrity (dead or alive) who would it be?

“Lady Gaga. I’ve become a little bit obsessed with her. Her style transformation has been incredible. She’d probably go for something quite classic but have such an edge to it.”


#1 Summer or Winter? “Winter!”

#2 Heels or flats? “Flats.”

#3 Pet hate? “Uneven lines.”

#4 Favourite wine? “The fizzy kind!

#5 Pearls or diamonds? “Not a huge fan of either. Much to my husbands delight.”

#6 Coffee or tea? “COFFEE ADDICT!!”

#7 Favourite destination? “NYC.”

#8 Early rise or lie in? “Early, but not by choice.”

#9 Chic in Chanel or dressed down in ripped denim? “Ripped denim for life!”

#10 Favourite book? “Balloonia by Audrey Wood.”

#11 Best way to relax? “Child free time. Period.”

Want to discover more from House of Moirai? Click here.

Photography: Maria Sundin Photography

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