Cathleen Jia x The White Files | It’s finally here

The Cathleen Jia x The White Files collaboration is certainly one I’ve been waiting for (with clear enthusiasm if you follow Bridal Editor on Instagram), and the partnership has not disappointed… 

Elegant. Refined. Cool. Contemporary. It’s the collab you’ve been waiting for…

Having launched earlier this year, the pairing was ‘born out of the shared desire to help redefine the way of celebrating love and individuality for a modern wave of brides. They wanted to create something that transcends the realm of bridal, breaking traditions, borders and expectations. Something that is in line with their values of sustainability, and something that simplifies the way brides shop for their gown.’

And so…’they embarked on a whirlwind trip to the silk capital of the world, China, to source unique fabrics and details for their collection…’ 

Cathleen Jia

The 15 piece collection stays true to Cathleen Jia’s effortlessly cool aesthetic and use of separates. Showcasing a tantalising mix of aisle-worthy gowns, skirts, tops and statement belts, you can feel the style pulsing out of this collaboration by the duo, as well as the slick, contemporary approach that we recognise so easily from Ella Zampatti, Founder of The White Files’ feed and breathtaking site. 

Cathleen Jia

“We know brides want something unexpected, but also something they’re comfortable in.” 

The White Files

The cool new line is notably, consciously produced too, with all pieces made to order in an effort to reduce wastage. Alongside this, this conscious thread is woven carefully throughout the collection, as all of the designs have been carefully created so they can be worn on the big day and beyond. 

The White Files

The new line – and campaign – breathes an effortlessly cool mix of sleek elegance and timeless style. Bringing everything from chic separates and flowing silhouettes to the table, not to mention a series of SERIOUS details (I’m talking pearl shoulder details, sheer overlays, belt-like cuff cinches, sassy cut outs and more), there’s no doubt in my mind that the modern bride will instantly lose her heart to this line. 

For more information on the collection click here

The White Files

To purchase a piece from the new line, click here. The collection is exclusively stocked online via The White Files. 

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The White Files
The White Files
The White Files
The White Files

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