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Becca Hunton
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Before the LOCKDOWN the talented hair and make-up artist, Becca Hunton (thankfully) managed to team-up with some seriously cool creatives during the Most Curious Wedding Fair, Manchester, to bring us this fiery, tastefully vibrant editorial, just packed with style, movement, individuality and decadence…

Becca Hunton Most Curious

Not only was this mascara wand-waving, beauty machine backstage and behind-the-scenes creating the sensational hair and make-up looks that took to the MOST CURIOUS runway, but she had time to curate these insane shots with a team of vendors that you’ll definitely want to have on your own wedding to-contact-immediately list.

Becca Hunton Most Curious
Becca Hunton Most Curious

As this editorial showcases, Becca has an innate ability when it comes to curating brides’ DREAM bridal beauty looks (you know, the one you’ve always wanted). She won’t make you look like someone you’re not, but capture your inner essence – what makes you YOU with her carefully chosen hair and make-up tools. Highlighting cheekbones, tending to eyebrows and accentuating eyes, this is the girl you and your bridal party want to have on hand on the morning of your big day, trust me.

Becca Hunton Most Curious

Her instinctive creative energy and kind spirit will not only make you instantly warm to her, but immediately have faith in her incredible ability to make you look like the best version of you on one of the most special days of your life. What’s not to love?

Want to book Becca Hunton for 2020 or 2021? Do it today! Click here and get in touch!

Learn more about Becca Hunton on Bridal Editor by clicking here.

Becca Hunton


Photography: Lisa Jane Photography

Styling: Luke Reene

Hair & Make-Up:

Becca Hunton (@becca_hunton) & Lucy Hart (@hartyyy)

Shamyra (@rihver), Lisa (@lisasmith_97), Naomi (@naomichvln), Kaya (@kaya_aliesha), Jenna (@jenna_anne_nathan) and Rebecca (@thestyleryder)

Bridal designers featured:
Chosen by One Day (@chosenbyoneday) from Ghost Orchid (@ghostorchidbride)
Tadashi Shoji (@tadashishoji) from Heart Aflutter (@heart_aflutter)
Romina Fochesatto (@rominafochesatto)
Rebecca Schoneveld (@rebeccaschoneveld_bridal)
Andrea Hawkes (@andrea_hawkes_bridal)
Rewritten (@rewrittenbridesmaids)
TH&TH (@thth_bridesmaids)
Velvet Johnstone (@velvet_hearts)
Alexandra Grecco (@alexandragrecco) from Ghost Orchid (@ghostorchidbride)
Mama Inc Jacket (@mama_inc_studio)

Bridal Accessory Designers & Brands featured:
AM Faulkner (@am_faulkner)
Saint Beth (@saintbethofficial)
Fi Graham (@figrahammilnery)
Silver Six Pence (@silversixpenceinhershoe)
Alabaster Dream earrings (@alabaster.dream)
Workbench London rings (@theworkbenchldn)

Flowers – Frogmcr (@frogmcr)

Becca Hunton
Most Curious
Most Curious

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