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Paloma James Bridal

“I design to empower women in all of their natural beauty. I want Paloma James brides to feel strong and confident, yet still feminine and romantic on their big day.” – Paloma James Bridal

Between you and me, there’s a new Aussie bridal label you need to know about. Australian brand, Paloma (symbolising all things peaceful and light) James (standing for strength, boldness and a unique spirit) is here, and it’s ready to cause waves in the industry…. 

Paloma James Bridal

Having launched on the 12th November, this unique new label is infused with an energy you’ll want to tap into. Their debut collection, With the Tide brings forth a line inspired by a truly emotional year, one that represents the idea of rolling with the tide, whatever it may bring.  

“I let fabrics guide the process, hand selecting the laces, tulle and crepes that will best compliment the feminine silhouette” – Paloma James Bridal

Paloma James Bridal

With the Tide brings a modern aesthetic to the table for budding brides-to-be. Debuting a selection of intriguing textures, design details and an array of silhouettes set to celebrate the female form, I’m in no doubt you’ll want to get your hands on this new line…and the captivating spirit sewn into its seams.  

Paloma James Bridal

Meticulously handcrafted in Sydney by a small team of skilful artisans, you’ll be surprise by the price tag that comes attached to these beautiful, aisle-worthy designs. 

Paloma James Bridal

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Paloma James Bridal
Paloma James Bridal
Paloma James Bridal

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