Bridal Hair & Make-Up Artist Secrets | With Becca Hunton

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Celebrated for her innate ability to whip up aisle-worthy bridal looks for glossy, bohemian brides across the country, Becca Hunton is renowned for her hair and beauty skills – especially when it comes to the aisle. So, when it comes to the products she uses and favours, I’m in no doubt that you’re as interested (read: chomping at the bit) as I am to get the lowdown on her brand secrets! 

Luckily for you, I managed to catch up with the boss babe herself to try and gain exclusive access to her favourites, as well as her key tips and tricks for those brides attempting to style their tresses themselves… 


#1 Talk us through the selection of brands that as a business you use across and throughout your work? 

“So, my favourite brands for hair are label.M – a couple of faves being their texturising volume spray, shine mist and volume mousse – and Arbonne. Arbonne has my favourite shampoo and conditioner, they’re both so nourishing and can make your hair feel amazing! In terms of my make-up kit, this consists mainly of Arbonne (vegan, CF, sustainable) and I also often whip out some Charlotte Tilbury which is also cruelty free but not vegan. I tend to lean more towards Arbonne now as it aligns with my values and it’s amazing quality.” 

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#2 What are the benefits of using these vegan product choices for the bride? 

“Arbonne have over 2000 banned toxins, so I know 100% that these products are safe and beneficial for your skin and hair, not to mention our planet. As women we use products everyday, putting make-up on our skin everyday which our skin absorbs. So using non toxic products is a complete no-brainer to me. Other branded make-up can contain talc, formaldehyde and mercury which we don’t want on our skin.” 

Photography by Emma Ryan Photography
Photography by Emma Ryan Photography

#3 What are the benefits of using these vegan product choices for you as a business? Why would you recommend that other hair and make-up stylists and business turn to more eco-friendly, vegan brands?

“I am so passionate about protecting our planet, now more than ever we need to be aware of what’s happening (everyone needs to watch David Attenborough’s new doc on Netflix. We need to act now in saving our planet)! 

One big reason I’ve affiliated myself with Arbonne is the fact they are passionate about this too, they plan to be zero waste by 2030 and they have their own recycling system. Plus they’ve been vegan and cruelty free for 40 years, they haven’t just jumped on this bandwagon so their products have been developed to the highest standard. As a business I want to show up as ‘doing my bit’, I don’t think these days there’s any need for animal products, toxins, animal testing or for it to be detrimental to our planet.” 

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#4 What would be your top three hair products to recommend to a bride creating her own bridal hair look? 

No.1Arbonne’s TrueStyle Anti-Frizz Dry Oil (£20.80).

No.2label.M’s Texturising Volume Spray (£15.75).”

No.3label.M’s Hairspray (£15.25).

#5 What would be your top three make-up products to recommend to a bride creating her own bridal make-up look for the big day?

No.1 Arbonne’s Speak Volumes Mascara (£22.40) – easily buildable and this little beauty is full of vitamins to nourish your lashes. My lashes have grown since using this mascara!” 

No.2 Arbonne’s Let It Set Refreshing Finishing Spray (£28) – your make-up stays put all day.”

No.3 “I know this isn’t make-up…. but prepping your skin with a good skincare routine on the run up to the big day is a big one. Cutting out caffeine as this dehydrates your skin. Drink plenty of water. Having good skin gives a good base for the make up to sit on…therefore your make-up will always look better.” 

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Hair by Becca Hunton
Make up by @crueltyfree_makeupartist

#6 What other advice do you have for brides looking to style their own bridal big day looks?

“If your styling your own hair for the big day, nourish and treat your hair on the run up to the date. For instance, indulge in regular hair masks and get the ends trimmed so there’s no split ends.”

#7 We see you offer masterclasses. Tell us a little more about your Becca Hunton Hair & Make-up masterclasses and workshops? What do you offer other growing small business owners?

“I offer group sessions, or one-to-ones at my studio. On a group session I can come to your salon and take your stylists through a full day bridal hair workshop. Demos in the morning, and then models in the afternoon. I will also show you how to take Insta-worthy photos of your work and educate you on how to get the most out of social media too. For one-to-one’s I offer a similar schedule but, of course, more in depth. 

Notably, I also offer business and social media mentoring over Zoom. This includes goal planning, mindset, strategies, how to plan your feed, hashtags, what to post etc.” 

Nadia Meli Photography

Want to get in touch with Becca with regards to her masterclasses and workshops? Click here

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